TABLO: “꿈 꾸기 좋은 푸른 밤”

Tablo VS Jonghyun. I lost.”

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how is she still alive?

how is she still alive?

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When you THINK you bad enough to take on your parents.

Vine by Tayvion Power

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ARTIST: 방탄소년단
TRACK: Skit: Soulmate
ALBUM: Skool Luv Affair
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Kai on We Got Married

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The ring unfolds into an armillary sphere, used to show the movement of the planets around the sun. (England, 1750 - 1800)

The ring unfolds into an armillary sphere, used to show the movement of the planets around the sun. (England, 1750 - 1800)

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bangtan mimicking rapmon's selcas for his birthday

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Studio Ghibli! My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service

Pencil, Ink, Watercolour + Photoshop
Future sparkly bookmarks and print :>

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Ten Thousand Thanks! 


Let’s talk about two South Korean girls named Pang So-Yi and An Yuna. They’re competitive fencers and Olympic hopefuls. Very young, but very very good. Both of them. And very bitter rivals. (They’re from different sides of the mountain. It’s just one of those things.)

Anyway, it comes down to the two of them in a qualifying match for the Olympic team with one slot left. And So-yi has a few points on Yuna - when the sirens go off…

A kaiju is coming. A fast one. As the arena clears in a panic, So-yi slips and smacks her head on the floor, blacking out.

Outside, at some point in all the confusion, Yuna realizes So-yi is still in the arena. The waterfront arena. Her stunned friends try to hold her back, but she breaks away from them and runs against the tide of evacuees funneling to the shelters.

The first kaiju Yuna has ever seen in her life is rising up from the water ahead like a mountain, and she’s running towards it, if you can believe that, running towards it and the almost empty arena in its path — to save a girl who twenty minutes ago she would’ve sworn to you she hated. Sometimes the best part of you just kinda wakes up like that.

It will be a long, hard night. But they’ll live.

And now you have met the pilots of Nova Hyperion. Two of the fifty-plus rangers in the Pacific Rim universe.

Descriptions: They’re in their late teens by the time they’re assigned a Jaeger. So-yi has a round face and short, straight, very closely cropped hair. Of the two, she’s more inclined to be grinning. Yuna is a bit more serious, a bit lighter-skinned, and shaved bald (because, well, she has the skull for it).

Anyway, I offer you this 10,000 follower thank you gift (with the caveat that it’s a special occasion so please don’t ask me for similarly lengthy posts on any other teams). Thank you for everything! Stay in the drift!

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